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What is City Fit Girls? 
We're an all-levels fitness, running and wellness community for women. Some of us are new to working out and some of us are experienced fitness enthusiasts. Either way, we believe in building a powerful & supportive community through fitness. Join City Fit Girls to connect with thousands of women across the country who are supporting each other on their fitness  journeys. 

What's the scoop on our newsletter? Want to sign up for your first 5k? Looking for new healthy recipes? Need some workout ideas? No matter what your goals are, every Monday morning you'll receive the following when you join City Fit Girls:
  • Healthy recipes from around the web to make meal planning super easy (Need we say more?)
  • Curated workouts from around the web - including low impact core workouts, runs, and high-intensity workouts to keep you on track during the week. 
  • Podcasts and articles to enjoy on your commute or on your rest day (Yes, you need a rest day)
  • Free access to our Printable Goal Setting Workbook and training plans. 
  • Invites to City Fit Girls Private Workouts (newsletter subscribers are always the first to know)
  • The latest training content via
Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Just fill out the form below and you're on your way! 

Happy Training, City Fit Girls! 

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